L’Oreal, World Leader in Beauty?

Each time you visit the makeup aisle, it’s tempting to stock up on eyeliners, blush and eye shadows in every color under the sun. But before you try out all your favorite Youtube looks, you’ll first want to ensure that your canvas is looking as flawless as your cat eye.

Complexion preparation:

Knowing how to prep your skin before getting started is important for a flawless-looking complexion, too. “The best way to achieve a glowing complexion is to prep, prep and prep, and use skincare products that are best suited for your skin type,” says Lila Castellanos, licensed esthetician in Los Angeles, who recommends cleansing twice before applying any makeup.

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

When choosing the right foundation, go right to the source and test it directly on your jawline, recommends makeup artist Allison Depriestre. “My best trick is to choose the right color by trying it on your jawline,” she says. “We often hear tips about the neck or hand, but these parts are not hit by the sun in the same.

This matte liquid foundation comes in a whopping 24 shades so you’ll have the exact match you need. In addition, if you’ve always wished you could get the benefits

Think of your setting powder as the lock that secures your whole look in place, Delia says. It helps reduce the chances for makeup cracking and creasing; it also reduces oil/shine.



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